Climate conscious Volvo are reducing the capacity of all its engines by 2014 in order to reduce exhaust emissions and give the planet a helping hand. That means waving good by to the 6 and 8 cylinder models to concentrate on delivering high performance with just 4 cylinders.

'It’s time to stop counting cylinders,' said Volvo's Peter Mertens. 'At the Frankfurt Motor Show we will reveal a new concept car. It proves that downsized engines can go hand-in-hand with our customers’ expectations on luxury and driving pleasure.'

And the ambition doesn't stop there, for by dropping the highere cylinder engines Volvo hopes to reduce the weight, size and the front overhangs that dog the current range.

“We can make vehicles which are between 100 and 150kg less that our current models,' Mertens said.

Volvo are not the only comapany to be downsizing – Volkswagen has already designed its most recent Passat models to be exclusively four-cylindered.

'We believe we can carry this off even in markets where six to eight cylinders are considered to be key, such as America and China,' said Volvo CEO Stefan Jacoby. 'We believe that things are changing.'

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