Dreaming of driverless cars

We’ve long gazed at those pianos that play themselves and dreamed: if only my car could do the same and drive itself around.

Well, we’re getting there folks. There have been some prototypes, but none have entered the production stage. But what the consumer wants, the consumer usually gets, and half of people who took part in a recent survey admitted that they’d love to have an automously driving vehicle – and would pay more for it.

A study carried out by Accenture claims that people are expecting more from their electronic devices these days, whether mobile phones, TVs, computers or cars.

’As consumers accumulate and rely on more devices to help manage their lives, they are becoming increasingly frustrated with devices that frequently crash or don't work as well as expected," said Jean-Laurent Poitou, global managing director of Accenture Embedded Software Services.

’The 'cool factor' is no longer enough. Consumers, especially younger ones, seek simpler, more intelligent devices with just the right number of useful functionalities.’

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