Driverless cars to be made legal in Nevada

The future, it appears, may be a driverless one, as the governor of Nevada has approved a bill that will require the state of Nevada to enact regulations allowing autonomous – driverless – vehicles to operate on the open road.

Google it seems has been lobbying for this change for a while, after announcing that it had successfully tested such a car on the roads of California. The car drove itself for thousands of miles with a qualified driver at the helm but not touching anything. One crash was registered, and that was when another car crashed into the stationary Google car at a junction.

The new technology could soon mean driverless taxis and delivery vehicles. A lot of people will have to find themselves new jobs, but at least they'll have an easier time of things. The city of La Rochelle in France has already tested a fleet of robot-driven taxis that use lasers to detect pedestrians and other hazards.

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