Driver's ed teacher charged with teaching teen how to do donuts

For a certain driver’s education teacher from South Charleston, West Virginia teaching teenagers how to drive just doesn’t mean just teaching them defensive driving , to respect road signs and speed limits or how to parallel park, as he tried to instruct a one of his students to do donuts because he thought she needed to learn how to drive in off-road conditions.

Edwin C."Bud" Anderson, 58, who owns a realty company and the driving school, ended up being arrested for his extra driving lesson and charged with a misdemeanor for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and destruction of property.

Police said that Anderson told the unnamed girl to drive into an unfenced grass field owned by the University of Charleston. The instructor thought the girl could benefit from some advanced driving techniques as she in planning to enlist in the military, so he had her drive onto the field, where he had her take swift turns in between six power poles to simulate driving a military vehicle, like a Humvee, but the car had no additional safety equipment that would make it safe for off-road vehicle training, like a roll cage or a five-point harness.

The girl told the officers she was driving the car according to Anderson's instructions, however a witness who was in the vehicle at the same time of the alleged incident, said that Anderson should not be charged with a crime.

"I don't see what the problem is, really," James Caraballo told WCHS. "They are trying to say he was contributing to the delinquency, but he was trying to teach them how to survive in case of danger.”

Anderson was arraigned in South Charleston Municipal Court and immediately released on bond and he expects to be exonerated and that there was no problem because she was driving at 20 mph.

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