Driving range

Golfers are some of the best paid sports people on earth, and most like to drive on and off the golf course, with many keeping a whole fleet of expensive cars at their disposal. But what of the poor caddie? But now the caddies can get their own back as an American company has hit on to a cracking wheeze - super-car styled golf buggies.

The golf carts, modelled on Rolls Royce or Ferrari, are going for around £18,000 - which is certainly a-fore-dable, compared with buying one of the real ones.

Designer and company founder John Pennington said: 'No one really needs an Italian sports car, but life is sure better when you have one.

'The F5 (Ferrari-inspired Pennwick) is the first custom golf cart chiselled from classic Italian sports car architecture. Pennwick's craftsmen have sculpted this custom golf cart with perfectly balanced design in mind.

'It is the most exotic, desirable and simply awe inspiring luxury custom golf cart around with handling far superior to anything else,' he said.

'I am thrilled with how the F5 turned out. It is the best golf cart ever made.'

It's certainly very striking.

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