Drug driving update

There's no doubt that there is no excuse for drinking an excessive quantity of alcohol before driving – it’s a simple fact that the risk far outweighs the reward. Over the past year there’s been government murmurs that a new drink driving law will come into effect which will allow drivers to drink 50% less alcohol than current laws before getting behind the wheel.

Before we know whether this will come into action (no doubt long after the General Election) support for it has been questionable, but insurer Direct Line have surveyed their drivers and 7 out of 10 of them said they supported the change. The motorists were also asked about the introduction of don’t do drugs & drive law too with 9 out of 10 backing it. The current law states that drug drivers can not be prosecuted unless there is evidence that they have been driving badly.

Conservative transport secretary Theresa Villiers said they would not change the current drink driving law.

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