Models and Features for Ducati Motorcycles in the UK

Find out why Ducati Motorcycles in the UK are among the most desired. Ducati.com offers great warranty coverage, a solid line of models and use modern technology to make sure every rider loves spending time on the roads.

Designed in Italy, Ducati Motor Holdings manufacturers motorcycles for every day use and for racing. On congested roadways, you'll save money on petrol and London's Congestion Charge. Motorcycles get by traffic due to their size and make it easier to navigate crowded streets.

Ducati Motorcycles

Enjoy three Diavel models: Diavel, Diavel AMG and Diavel Carbon. All three motorcycles offer powerful 162hp engines. The Diavel Carbon uses a lighter frame crafted from aluminium and lightweight composites. The AMG uses that same lightweight design while adding carbon fibre radiator grills and ribbed seat upholstery.

Hypermotard motorcycles offer a riding position that keeps you in control. Acceleration responds amazingly fast and the tyres grab the road with unexpected precision. There are three models: 796, 1100 EVO and 1100 EVO SP. The design of these three motorcycles is very similar. Key differences are the power of the engine. While the 796 comes in with 81hp, the EVO's have 95hp. The EVO SP adds DDA (Ducati Data Analysis) management to allow you to check lap times, mileage and operating temperatures.

Monster motorcycles come in three choices: 696, 796 and 1100 EVO. Power heads up the main difference between these motorcycles. The 696 and 796 come in at 80hp and 87hp respectively. The 1100 EVO is the most powerful at 100ph. The EVO also has anti-lock braking.

The Multistrada 1200 comes in four models: 1200, 1200 S Sport, 1200 S Touring and the 1200 S Pikes Peak. The different models suit those looking for a specific style of bike whether it is a touring bike, a bike for day-to-day use or a powerhouse that will win every race.

Streetfighter and Streetfighter S are similar in style, but the Streetfighter S adds data management for tracking mileage, speeds and more. Both motorcycles have a 150hp engine.

Choose from three Superbike models: 848 EVO, 1198 and the 1198 SP. Engine power on the 848 EVO comes in at 140hp, while the other two are an amazing 170hp. The SP offers a TTX monoshock suspension system for greatest comfort. The 1198 and 1198 SP offer management of DDA, DQS (quick shift controls) and traction control.

Ducati Motorcycle Dealers in the UK

While there are dozens of dealers throughout the UK, those living in Ireland must head north to Millsport Motorcycles (millsportmotorcycles.co.uk) in Ballymoney or take a ferry to Isle of Man, England, Wales or Scotland. Visit Ducati.com/find_dealers to find the dealer nearest you.

Purchasing and riding Ducati motorcycles in the UK makes it easy to reach your destination without relying on public transportation. Visit a dealer to learn more about these popular Italian motorcycles today.

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