Dunlop Winter Tyres in the UK

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Now is a good time to get a deal on winter tyres before the price starts to rise. Read on for some advice on Dunlop winter tyres in the UK.


Dunlop are one of the biggest manufacturers and retailers of tyres in the UK. They produce high quality tyres that can be used for a range of road conditions. Dunlop use a combination of advanced tyre technologies to ensure that you get the most out of your driving experience.

Dunlop winter tyres

Dunlop winter tyres are specially designed to cope with winter conditions and in particular snow, slush, ice, frost and rain. They find traction and grip easier than normal tyres and can easily negotiate inclines on icy ground. These tyres are also ideal for driving in thick snow that has just fallen. Their multi blade system has different types of blades for varying winter road conditions.

When to use them

Most people use Dunlop winter tyres between October and April. However, winter tyres can also be used all year round. There may be a slight decrease in dry braking in very hot conditions but the better braking in icy and wet conditions compensates for this.

Where to get them

Most major garages and car sales outlets stock Dunlop winter tyres in the UK. The website www.mytyres.co.uk is the largest online tyre retailer in Europe. The Dunlop website at www.dunlop.eu is also a good place to look. They have a store locator that allows you to find the Dunlop tyre retailer closest to you.

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