What you should know about DVLA changes to driving licences 2013

New DVLA changes to driving licences came into force on 19 January 2013. All new driving licences issued from this date must now meet new terms of the European Union Third Directive on driving licences. The changes mainly affect you if you drive motorcycles, lorry, bus and minibus. Here’s what you should know about DVLA changes to driving licences 2013.

The new licence rules explained

The new DVLA changes to driving licences 2013 in Great Britain include changes to the vehicles you can drive, the minimum age you can drive some categories of vehicles and the valid period of issued driving cards for some driver groups. The DVLA has also rolled out a new style driving licence for drivers in the country.

If you are already a holder of a driving licence issued before 19 January 2013, you can relax because the new rules do not take away your entitlement to drive in Great Britain. However, there are certain rules in the new directive that will affect you as well.

Lorry, bus and minibus licence holders

If you apply for a bus or lorry test pass or renew your driving licence after 19 January 2013, your licence (when issued) will be valid for a maximum of five years. This rule applys only if you pass a driving test for vehicles in categories C1, C, D1, D, C1E, CE, D1E or DE. Once you have been issued with a valid driving licence, you will have to renew the licence when it expires. The expirey date is shown on the licence card.

The process of renewing your licennce involves filling a renewal reminder form that the DVLA will send you. In addition to filling the renewal form, you will also be required to fill in medical questions on an “Application for a lorry, bus or minibus driving licence’ (D2) form to renew your bus and or lorry entitlement.

Changes to the photocard licence

The DVLA changes to driving licences 2013 have introduced a new photocard licence design that will look different from the current licence. The photocard shows start and expiry dates, full table of driving categories, pictograms and other codes that apply. For example, the front of the new driving licences features dates shown as DD.MM.YYYY and categories separated by a slash.

Check out the DVLA website for official details of the changes at gov.uk/newlicencerules

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