How to get a DVLA Number Plates Valuation

Having an accurate DVLA number plates valuation is important because you are essentially valuing a car accessory. Much in the same way that you would want to know how much your alloys wheels were worth in the event of a sale, you should want to know how much your number plate is worth too. Did you know that valuations of A1 and H1 number plates has gone up considerably in the past few years? With over 34 million number plates on the road, the unique plates are getting rarer and more valuable so it's good to have the knowledge of what value plate you are in possession of.

Free Registration Valuations Online

There are a great many sites that offer free valuations online. You simply type in your number plate details and then you are given a price. Some sites require you to sign up for this service whereas others will do it without even asking for your email. Sites give this tool away for free because they want to entice people into selling their number plate with them, a service you often have to pay for. Because of this motive however, your number plate valuation is likely to be higher than what it would actually fetch at a number plate auction or on the market elsewhere.

Number Plate Auctions

You can also get a fairly accurate DVLA number plates valuation by checking out the prices of number plates that have sold at auction recently. Take a look at past auction prices and try to compare your plate to the ones that have sold. For example, if a plate H8 XOX sold for £300 and you have G8 XOX, you can get a fairly good idea that your plate is worth around £300. Look out for certain letters though as some tend to be more of less popular than others. Letters like A, M, S, T, X and Y, tend to be quite popular and often fetch more money but letters like B, F, J, and V do not tend to fetch as much.

Direct DVLA Enquiries

Ringing up the DVLA and speaking to someone on their team is another way to get an idea about the value of your plate. DVLA number plates valuations from the DVLA are obviously more of a true value but beware that the rise and fall of demand may mean that the price you will fetch on the market may be significantly different.

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