Maybe you should get DVLA personalised registrations

DVLA car registrations is big business in the UK. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) raised £67m from the sale of registrations in 2012 alone. The Duchess of Cambridge drove away from their wedding with a descriptive plate that read: JU5T WED. If you wish to personalise your vehicle, maybe buying a personalised registration number is the way to go.

DVLA personalised registrations

DVLA registrations have been around for decades and transfer and display of vehicle registrations tightly regulated since the system begun in the 20th Century. Early DVLA registrations consisted of letter codes that identified the area the registration was issued and a unique number to identify the vehicle.

Currently, UK registrations consist of a sting of letters and numbers arranged in four distinct styles based on the standard format of plates issued in different parts of the country:

  • Current- AB51 ABC (2001 - present)
  • Prefix - A123 ABC (1983 - 2001)
  • Suffix - ABC 123A (1963 - 1983)
  • Dateless - 1234 AB, or 1 AB (Pre-1963)

If you wish to have a personalised registration number, the DVLA Personalised Registrations allows you to buy an individual plate any time online at dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk. Simply visit the DVLA website, search and buy from over 39 million personalised number plates, including cherished plates and auction plates.

Since 1989, the DVLA has raised £1.8bn for the Treasury in sales of registrations through its auctions that are held six times a year and through authorised websites. But, buying a personalised number is not always cheap. The registration 1 D, for example, was sold for £352,000 in 2009. 51 NGH was sold for £254,000 in 2006 and K1 NGS was sold for £231,000 in 1993.

Why people buy personalised registrations

For many of us, buying DVLA personalised registrations might seem an ostentatious waste of hard-earned cash. There are drivers who actually can’t think of worse value for money than dvla's fancy little combination of numbers and letters on a plate.

But, for many of those who go out and buy personalised plates, it's not different from investing a generous amount on a car or caravan you love. These drivers who buy personalsed plates say the plates are a fun statement of individuality.

Motoring journalist Quentin Willson observes: "It really is about being visually pleasing. They (personalsed number plates) are great fun but much abused. It seems to have caught the nation's psyche. For a motoring-obsessed nation they are a suburban trinket."

Willson concludes his observation by sying: "A number plate is a form of automotive jewellery. You can either change your car or change your number plate, and changing your number plate is cheaper."

Well, if personalised plates are a form of jewellery and you love jewellery, maybe you should get the plate.

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