DVLA Tax Disc Replacement

If for some reason you have lost or misplaced your motor's tax disc or in the event of it being damaged or stolen then you will need to apply for a DVLA tax disc replacement. You can obtain a duplicate disc either in person or by post so lets walk through the procedure in both cases.

A Quick and Easy Process

The first step in getting a replacement motor tax disc is to acquire a V20 form. You can pick one of these up from your local DVLA office or alternatlively you can download a V20 form from www.gov.uk/government/publications/application-for-a-duplicate-tax-disc.

Once you have completed and signed the V20 form then you also need to locate your Vehicle Registration Certificate. The DVLA charges £7 for a replacement disc and unless you can prove that your car was stolen along with the disc or that the original disc was in an unreadable condition you will be required to pay this fee. It is also important to remember that once you have applied for a duplicate disc the previous disc will become invalid as soon as the new disc is issued.

If you wish to get a DVLA tax disc replacement as quickly as possible then it is advisable that you go about your application in person through your local DVLA office or Post Office. Should you not be in a rush to obtain the replacement disc then you can head to your local post office and mail the completed V20 form, the Vehcile Registration Certificate and the £7 duplicate disc fee to the DVLA by post.

Cover Yourself Legally

Should you require more information on getting a DVLA tax disc replacement then visit www.gov.uk/apply-duplicate-tax-disc. It is also of great importance to remember that it is illegal to drive any vehicle on the road in the UK without a valid DVLA tax tisc so do not take your car out until your repalcement disc is received and properly displayed.

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