Interested in buying an E Voyager electric mountain bike?

e voyager electric mountain bike

Electric bikes have became an increasingly popular option for those needing a city bike for commuting or leisure purposes. But now a new type of electric bicycle has hit the market - the electric mountain bike. With sturdy frames and heavy duty protection, these bikes are designed to take the rough and tumble of all-terrain cycling, from country trails to rugged downhill event cycling. And there is no better model for mountain biking than the Pro Rider E voyager electric mountain bike. So let's take a look at what this model has to offer.

This electric bike comes with a 36V 10AH Lithium Ion battery powering a 250 Watt brushless hub motor with an amazing 48km range. That means you can travel for up to 30 miles on battery power alone. The bike also includes capable rear disc Servo brake system for increased control and stability. For gaining manual speed the bike also employs a seven speed Shimano gear system and can boost your performance with pedal assist (PAS). With a lightweight but robust frame of aluminium alloy and both front and rear suspension you know that this bike will stand up to the challenge of intense mountain biking.

This high spec piece of equipment does not come cheaply, with a recommended retail price of around £2,000. However, many online retailers and specialist electric bike sellers currently offer substantial discounts on the list price for the mountain bike. Pro Rider Mobility currently offer the bike for around £649 including VAT, and this price also buys you a 5 star home warranty.

So the e voyager electric mountain bike is an impressive piece of gear, and if you look around for the best deal, bargains are available.

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