Easy money

Riddle me this: in what job can you earn £20,000 a day without having to travel, or hardly even move? Answer: the job of a bus lane camera – or, to be precise, one particularly bus lane camera which has been bamboozling drivers to the tune of £600,000 a month – enough to buy a house, put the kids through university and two weeks in the Algarve when you're done.

The camera, in Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, has seized the title of the UK's most lucrative snitch from a temporary camera placed on the M6 near Carlisle, which made half a million pounds in two months during 2010.

Over 10,000 people have been hit with fines, with one of the reasons being that the road itself is very poorly marked so that motorists have little idea as to where they can -and can't-go.

This is what local MP Mike Penning believes, and has asked the council to switch it off. However, the reply that came back was a resounding 'no', with council transport chief Stuart Pile saying that they have 'no plans to suspend enforcement...or refund motorists who have been fined for illegally using the bus lane.'

Once you start getting used to making easy money, it's evidently difficult to turn your back onit.

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