Eating Christmas pudding could push you over the limits.

A report has found that Christmas pudding from some of the UK's major supermarkets contain a considerable amount of alcohol. The puddings from Marks & Spencers, Asda and the Co-op all contain significant quantities of spirits such as brandy, cognac and rum as well as sherry and even cider in some cases. The strongest puddings have an alcohol content of almost 21.5%!

More people are now also baking at home in order to save money as a result of the economic dowturn. The temptation to throw in a few extra measures of alcohol whilst cooking may result in puddings having a higher alcohol content. Many popular celebrity chef recipies already contain significant levels of alcohol, with some around 0.9 units.

While most motorists are well informed about drink driving laws and act responsibly, many do not take into account the alcohol levels when eating food. Having a couple of drinks at Christmas dinner along with some pudding could be enough to put you over the limit.

All this means that a single portion of Christmas pudding could be enough to put drivers over the legal alcohol limit even if they have been responsible with their consumption. It can be all too easy for drivers to find themselves unintentionally over the limit.

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