Ecclestone: ‘Don’t write off Webber’

Mark Webber may have struggled to live with his teammate Sebastian Vettel this season, Red Bull has certainly not written off the Australian driver, after signing him up for another campaign next season.

Vettel, 24, is an almost certainty to be the back to back champion after winning nine races this season. Mark Webber hasn’t won a single Grand Prix.

It must put pressure on his motivation, not that Red Bull boss Chrisian Horner is worried. ‘Well, he's still motivated enough to beat anybody except Sebastian," he told F1's official website. ‘It seems all too convenient to underestimate Mark when comparing him against Seb. But that is definitely a huge mistake. Mark is undervalued right now.’

Bernie Ecclestone, the sport’s Chief Executive, echoed his sentiment, saying: ‘That Sebastian is better than Mark we know by now. But who is there who is better than Mark? I think it is not right to belittle Mark. In context, driving with Sebastian, he hasn't got the easiest of jobs, because in my view Sebastian is the best driver on the grid right now.’

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