Ecclestone: 'superman' Schumacher struggling is sad to see

Bernie Ecclestone has admitted that the spectacle of seven times world champion Michael Schumacher scrabbling for minor points at Grand Prix meets this season has been a 'sad' spectacle to watch.

When the 42-year-old returned to the sport, Ecclestone was one of the great supporters of the move, but has told Italian sports newspaper La Gazetta dello Sport that both the great champion and his team Mercedes could and should be doing better.

'Michael is a true superman so it's sad to see him have to fight for such low places,' Ecclestone said. 'He is still a competitive guy and when he has so much experience, he should lead Mercedes more in the right direction.

'(And) Mercedes should build a car more to Schumacher's driving style,' 80-year-old Ecclestone added.

Schumacher told a German racing paper that it is qualifying, not the actual races, that provides the greater challenge. 'The race always looks better for me than qualifying," said the former world champion. 'There are many reasons that would be very complicated to explain, also some technical problems, but Nico (Rosberg) is really one of the best qualifiers in the field, his performance is really impressive,' he added.

Schumacher denied that the reason for the problems is his own attitude, which appears at times too relaxed. 'It doesn't mean I am not disappointed with setbacks and failures and it doesn't stop me continuing to work for our goal,' he said.

'I am firmly convinced that Mercedes will be once again a victory and world championship contender,' Schumacher added.

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