Economical cars - a wider range than ever before!

Economical cars are now the first requirement when selecting your next vehicle. The era of the high output luxury models are almost a memory as many car manufacturers find themselves in a situation where the cars with the smaller engines are the ones leaving the showroom.

The one litre car was usually the domain of the learner driver or single person but now the selection of cars with smaller engines is a testament to their popularity and appeal to a diverse range of drivers. Cars up to a 1.4 model have  reasonably low priced tax and insurance which is a bonus as insurance policies rise owing to climate change and an unprecedented surge in claims. While smaller engine cars prove economical from a fuel consumption perspective, another type of economical vehicle is the one that runs on diesel.

Currently there are a lot of cars in pre production that are being designed to conserve fuel and energy by running on various oils and even water. Cars that depend on a fuel and electricity mix, known as hybrids, are becoming more widely available with perhaps the Toyota Prius being the most well known through it's American popularity. These cars are definitely worth considering when looking into an economical car as they take away some of the concerns over mounting fuel costs owing to an unstable economic climate and troubles in the middle east. All major manufacturer has it's favourite "super mini". Toyota has the stylish Yaris, Honda has the relatively new Jazz and Mitsubishi has the award winning colt.

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