Economy has Mixed Effect on Motorsports

The economic slump and exorbitant gas prices have had a mixed effect on motorsports shops. Sales of gas guzzlers like motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and boats have fallen while families have opted for more fuel efficient toys like scooters.

People are still spending money on motorsports, but they are making smaller purchases.

Doug Studanski, owner of Motor Sports of Wilmar says, "It seems like people still have money to spend on 'toys,' I think with the difficult times out there, people need a break from it all and get away."

Due to the economic downturn, consumers are definitely having trouble getting financing if they want to try for it. And the number of people who want to buy motorsports vehicles has definitely gone down.

Goff Ogaard, co-owner of Ripley Sports Center in Litchfield says his motorcycle sales slumped 50 percent this year but his scooter sales are up 150 percent. “$4 gas sells scooters,” Ogaard said. He also said that his service department gets more business because customers prefer to fix up what they already have.

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