Have a look at these electric bike kits for sale in the UK

Electric bikes are an increasingly popular mode of transport for many in Britain, but with the better models often starting from around the £1000 mark, the cost can be off-putting. So why not try electric bike kits instead? These budget DIY kits are a cheap way of putting together your own electric bike without having to break the bank. There are also many electric bike conversion kits out there, so that you can re-fit your old two wheeler into something modern and fashionable. Read on for the best options for buying electric bike kits in the UK at the moment.

Rutland Cycling currently offer a wide range of inexpensive electric bike conversion kits. One of the most popular is the iZip Electric Bike Conversion Kit for 26 inch wheels. This item works with common 7 speed bicycles and works by replacing the manual rear wheel with a power assisted wheel. This kit costs from £199, a reduction of £200 on the original list price. This buys you a DC earth magnet motor, a dual 24V 10Ah Lithium Ion battery, as well as a TAG enabled twist thumb throttle. The motor on this bike has a range of around 15 miles and reaches a maximum speed of 15mph.

Website All About The Home offers a more expensive option in the way of the Viking E-Bike Electric Bike Conversion Kit. This model starts at £675 including VAT, and comes equipped with a Pedelec system, an Alex DH19 double wall rim motor and a waterproof battery. This has a maximum operating capacity of up to 70km, so perfect for the more serious cycle enthusiast.

For more information about electric bike kits in the UK please contact a specialist dealer, or drop into your nearest cycling store such as Halfords.

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