Tips to Improve the Performance of an Electric Car

One of the biggest fears that consumers have with the electric car is that it will not be able to perform when the battery runs out. However, the battery shouldn't be the only concern when car owners are seeking to maximise performance. There are other methods and ways to improve the performance of your electric vehicle.

Air Induction Systems

As your electric car engine operates, it pulls in air and eventually mixes it with fuel. This leads to a burned mixture that produces horsepower. Therefore, if the amount of cool air that the engine pulls in is increased, you will produce more power in your vehicle. Installing an air induction system is one way to increase the cool dense air into the engine. There are several manufacturers that produce a variety of air induction systems that are compatible with various automobiles. Installing one will guarantee extra horsepower and higher engine performance for your vehicle.

Replace the Carburettor

Carburettors are installed since they effectively mix the air and oil into a mixture that is burned inside the engine to produce power. Therefore, if your car engine has a carburettor in it, this is one feature that you can improve to increase your car engine performance. If your car has a 2 barrel carburettor, you can upgrade it to 4 barrels to increase the resulting horsepower.

Air Filter Replacement

Air filters increase the performance of your electric car engine by enhancing and increasing the amount of air that flows into it. There are a number of cool air intake systems that are made to pull in cool air from outside of the vehicle into the engine. Advanced stock air filter systems are also designed to block engine heat to make sure that they are pulling in the coolest air into the engine. This heat reduction allows the engines to perform more effectively and reduce any loss of power.

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