How Do Electric Cars Work?

Electric cars are gaining popularity for their environment-friendly attributes. Since they do not utilize the combustion engine they distribute minimal pollutants. In some cases, there are no pollutants. The use of an electric motor ensures high efficiency in its functioning and an almost silent operation. On the outside, you cannot really distinguish an electric car from a combustion engine vehicle. The main distinction is the silence of the engine. When operating an electric car, press down the pedals which engage the power controller. The controller determines how much current is uploaded to power up the electric motor. Electric power therefore is not directed at the motor but channelled through the controller.

Types of Electric Vehicles

There are four types of electric cars in existence today. The foremost of these kinds is the pure electric vehicle. This car is solely powered by electricity. They are powered with a range of batteries which are charged just like your cellular phones. The plug-in hybrid utilizes combustion engine to power up its wheels. However, it can operate on pure electricity for some distance when charged. The range extended electric cars have a generator on board which is powered by gasoline, diesel or ethanol. The generator takes over when the battery runs out. The vehicle can be plugged in to an electric socket overnight enabling it to operate the same distance the next day. The three-wheeled electric car is just like the pure electric design with a slight variation. It runs on only three wheels for least road resistance.

Power Source

Electric cars are powered by an array of batteries which are electrically charged like mobile phones. At present, there are three types of batteries utilized for these types of vehicles. The gel battery or valve regulated lead acid is packed with jellified electrolytes. It is ideal for small cars since it can be stored in any position without fearing leakage. It has been manufactured in such a way that the more they are used, the superior they perform. The lithium cobalt oxide is another type of battery used on electric cars which utilizes lithium ions. It is made up of layers of lithium isolated between plates of octahedral. The third type is absorbent glass matt batteries which permit electrolytes to be absorbed into glass fibres.

Control Functions

An electric car uses a DC/AC motor. This is the same type of motor that will operate a compressor or electric fan. The motor is powered by rechargeable batteries which can be plugged into an electrical outlet. It produces little or no sound at all and is very efficient. Power is not injected directly to the motor but interceded through an AC or DC controller device.


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