Electric indifference

Do you know anyone who has an electric car? No, nor do we. In fact there are little over 600 of them on our roads. To give that figure some perspective, consider that 1.5 million people passed their driving test last year. It seems that despite the government doing plenty to usher in this supposed new era of motoring, offering a generous subsidy to offset their price, UK motorists are sniffy at best and having none of it at worst.

The RAC has revealed figures showing that between this April and June only 215 cars were bought courtesy of the government's 'plug-in' grant. Compare this with the 465 bought in the first three months from January, when the scheme was launched, and it's hard to escape the impression that the government are on the losing end with this one.

And the reason for this is the fact that, even with a £5,000 subsidy and the smugness of not harming the environment gives you, electric vehicles are still very much on the dear side, with most costing in excess of the £20,000 mark.

A recent Top Gear special showed Clarkson running out of electricity mid-drive and having to push the electric car to the nearest town, which had no recharging point in it. It's this so-called 'range anxiety' that has the whole sector scratching its head. Some say that electric vehicles are only meant for short journeys, but who, except the rich, can afford to have a car for long distances and another to run about in?

We think a solution is bound to appear, but for now Electric Vehicles are not looking such an attractive option.

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