Electric land-speed attempt

The team behind the Bluebird will attempt to break the UK landspeed record for an electric vehicle at Pendine Sands on 13 and 14 August this year.

It will be the team's second attempt, after their first effort at the beginning of July had to be called off after a crucial part of the car failed to arrive on time.

Driver Don Wales will attempt the record which currently stands at 137mph, set by himself in 2000. On this occasion Wales will be aiming to hit speeds in excess of 150mph.

The team will use the occasion to test batteries and equipment, in readiness for the ultimate challenge - the world speed record for an electric car, which they plan to attempt in 2013. The current world record of 307mph was set by the Buckeye Bullet team in August 2010. The UK crew will be hoping to hit 500 mph, and are prepared to relocate, most likely to California, in order to make the attempt.

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