Electric RC car parts here!

It is actually very difficult to buy electric RC car parts in the UK. While there are some people that are into building and fixing the RC cars, there just isn't enough demand for parts. Electric RC cars are huge in The States, this is why we found a great website based in the US.

There is no problem getting them delivered to the UK and the postage is generally very low because the parts are always so small. So, let's take a look at a few performance enhancing parts.

Tekin R1 Traxxas Slash Power System Upgrade Kit: The R1 upgrade kit can add that extra punch you need to really crank out some power. The car will go from a rough rider to a seriously smooth ride thanks to the industry's lowest internal resistance without sacrificing size and weight.

Adding the R1 to your RC will give you a greatly optimised performance from your RC. It is available on amainhobbies.com for only $239.99 this is £20 less than any other retailers so grab it while the deal is on!

Team EPIC Kreepy Krawler Rock Crawler Motor: If you want to take your RC off road and hit some hardcore rocks and hills this is the motor for you. The Kreepy Krawler has 3 new modified motors. They are completely tuned towards off road making them perfect for anything in the dirt.

Thanks to a high torque rotor and dual ball bearings this will make your RC a beast off road. This is available once again at the amainhobbies.com website for only $26.99!!! Seriously cheap for a great piece of kit.

Check out all the electric RC car parts on the A Main Hobby website.

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