Electric vehicles sales slump

Anyone with the slightest interest in sustainability and the environment is willing that electric cars become a mainstay in our everyday lives, but during the second quarter of this years government issued grants subsidising the steep costs of the cars were down by a half.

According to the RAC, only 215 cars were bought in the second quarter under the government's EV grant scheme, which knocks £5,000 of the price of a new electric car.

The figure is in marked contrast to the 465 cars bought under the scheme during the first three months of this year. The total amount of electric cars on Britain's roads stands at 2,500. For the UK to meet its climate change targets, 1.7 vehicles need to be on the roads by 2020.

'The figures show the mountain we have to climb if the national car fleet of 28 million vehicles is to turn truly green,' said RAC director Professor Stephen Glaister in a statement. 'Even with the grants, electric cars are still much more expensive than similar-sized petrol and diesel models.'

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