Where to Find the Elite Registrations Sale Lists

Who are Elite Registrations?

Elite Registrations are a leading personalised number plate company operating from their HQ in Great Britain. They claim to have registered or transfered more personalised or custom number plates than any other supplier in the United Kingdom. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (known more commonly simply as the "DVLA") respect this company as professional plate transfer agents. Their website is Eliteregistrations.co.uk.

What can they do for me?

Elite Registrations have a comprehensive website where you can search for number plates that suit you. You can search for number combinations that are special to you, initials from your name or cool words, or you can select from their already formulated examples on the site. Once you have chosen your plate, Elite Registrations can sort out the whole transfer process for you including sorting out all of the paperwork at the DVLA.

What are Elite Registrations Sale Lists?

Elite Registrations Sale Lists are lists of the number plates or customised/personalised plates that Elite Registrations currently has on sale. Acquiring this list gives you the opportunity to pick up some great bargains that are not yet released onto the general market and can be the only opportunity to pick up unique plates with words or special number combinations on that would normally go very quickly, for example: "P3 ACE" or "B16 CAT".

Where can I get an Elite Registrations Sale List?

You can enquire about getting an Elite Registrations Sale List through their website: Eliteregistrations.co.uk. Simply click on the section that says "Sale Lists" and then fill in your details to be emailed the latest copy of the list.

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