engine car is not always a story with a happy ending!

Engine plus car can equal trouble if you ignore the warning signs. It can be very tempting to keep putting off bringing the car to a garage especially if it's a time when you have an event coming up or you're particularly busy. However,serious engine trouble can leave you stranded which won't be a pleasant experience either.

There are plenty of small things that can go wrong with an engine and a trip to a garage that uses a diagnostic machine can tell you what you need to get in order to keep the engine right but there are things like engine seizure that will actually stop a car dead.

Warning signs to be aware of would include excessive oil usage, thick or black smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, overheating and a smell of burning. If you notice any of these then go straight to your mechanic or a garage that you trust.

It is advisable to try and get a figure for work needed as soon as you can so that you can get other quotes if necessary. Using a diagnostics machine usually means a flat fee but you will need to stipulate that no work is to be done until they consult you and give a definitive price. Otherwise you could end up with an unexpected bill that will make your eyes water!

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