Is engine flush necessary?

Engine flush is exactly what it means – to get rid of the gunk which accumulates in your car preventing it from running smoothly and efficiently. There are many instances where you might consider getting an engine flush and although there are others who say that it might destroy or break down a part, there are situations where an engine flush can probably do more good than harm.

All about engine flush

  • Defining an engine flush

When you go for car servicing one of the standard offers before an oil change is to perform an engine flush. Mechanics see this operation as a way to remove minute particles which sit at the bottom of the engine preventing it from moving all parts smoothly, achieving peak engine performance and improving fuel efficiency. In such cases, an engine flush is beneficial to keep the car in tip-top shape. Remember that even though a motor oil filter is there to trap unwanted dirt, it cannot catch minute particles which are sometimes smaller than 25 microns. These particles therefore build up and collect as sludge in the engine restricting the movement of parts.

  • How it’s done

An engine flush is performed before fresh oil is put. To do this, mechanics pour chemicals all over the engine. At this point, the engine is in an idle position allowing the liquid to reach all parts and free them from dirt. Afterwards, the residues are drained and then new oil is put.

  • Cases where you might need an engine flush

1. Unknown car maintenance. If you’ve just recently acquired a secondhand car where you have no idea of its maintenance record, an engine flush can help or is even recommended. This way, you’ll know at least that the engine parts are freed from gunk and deposits that can prevent it from doing its job.

2. Driving habits. A car’s condition is also dependent on the way how much or little it is driven. It is common knowledge that short trips and lots of stop-drive motions contribute to the degradation of a car’s engine because the flow of oil is restricted by dirt. In this case, an engine flush in paralle with an oil change can largely benefit your car.

3. Few maintenance service. If you know that you hardly change your motor oil, an engine flush can help in getting rid of dirt and make your engine perform better. When there is existing gunk in the engine, new oil can become dirty very quickly costing more trips to the garage and money.

What the experts are saying

According to car manufacturer experts, new cars hardly need an engine flush. Honda says their engineers performed exhaustive tests and engine flush is not a necessary operation while GM says it is not needed for as long as regular oil changes are made. Doing so might even damage cars. At the moment, there are benefits of doing an engine flush if one of the situations above applies to you.

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