engine performance - know what's under the bonnet!

Engine performance depends on a variety of things but the main one is engine health. To put it succinctly,if the engine isn't in tip top condition then you won't be getting the best results.

If the engine is in difficulty then the petrol intake and oil consumption will be considerably higher and this will impact financially on you. The only way to stay on top of things is to ensure the car is regularly serviced, the oil is monitored and that you go straight to a garage if you suspect something is wrong. There is always a temptation to ignore the warning signs and drive on until the last minute but you could be creating a big problem out of an originally minor one. That could be a very costly mistake.

Warning signs can include burning oil,thick black or grey smoke coming from the exhaust, overheating or a general "sluggishness" when accelerating. These signs could be indicative of a relatively simple issue, like a coil needing to be replaced or even a sensor, but there is also considerations like the head gasket, timing belt or engine block to be taken into account.

While everyone knows someone that is a mechanic, or likes to play mechanic, the only sure fire way to ascertain what the problem is, is by bringing the car to a garage that has a diagnostics machine. Only then can you be confident that you are addressing the proper issue.

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