Engineer: Vettel drives me crazy – but not Schumy

Poor old Michael Schumacher. He gets a taste of blood watching a new generation of F1 drivers whizzing around tracks, but is routinely whipped once he gets back into the F1 saddle.

And now, to kick a legend while he’s down, engineer Giorgio Ascanelli who worked with Vettel at Toro Rosso as well as with the late great Ayrton Senna at McLaren, has pinpointed those two drivers as the best of all time.

This is despite the fact that he worked with Schumacher, while the seven time world champion was at Ferrari.

‘I am very lucky,’ the Italian said to Sport Bild. ‘Twice in my life I have experienced perfection; once with Senna, again with Vettel.’

He added: ‘In one respect Michael was different because he had to work harder for his success than did Senna and Vettel. With those two it was something else.’

Some people have no memory – Schumacher’s the most successful F1 driver of all time! Show some respect!

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