We check out your options for finding Euro car parts

Are you in desperate need of a replacement car part but haven't got the budget to pay some of the outlandish prices you are being quoted by companies in the UK? There is another option for you out there and it is to import cheaper Euro car parts. A host of sites have popped up in the UK offering to import these massively cheaper parts for you, and in this blog we are going to check out the pick of these sites.

Thanks to a higher rate of VAT, and the general higher cost of consumer products in the UK, replacement car parts tend to cost a lot more than on the mainland. To help get the ball rolling on savings, we suggest checking out the Euro Car Parts site at eurocarparts.com. They offer a huge range of car parts for just about every make and model of car sold in the UK, and they offer discounts of up to 70% off main dealer prices. They have 85 branches around the country, and they offer free delivery to every part of the UK.

Another site that offers generous discounts is a site that focuses on German cars, and that site is pweuroparts.co.uk/. This is the site to check out if you are rocking either a Volkswagen, BMW or a Mercedes, and they offer probably the lowest price on these parts of ant company in the UK. They have a huge selection, and they are extremely well worth a look.

A final site we are happy to recommend is the Car Parts Euro site at carpartseuro.com/. This site is one of Europe's largest car breakers, and they offer a massive range of replacement parts. They have access to thousands of scrap yards, giving them a huge base to draw from.

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