European breakdown cover reviews, ratings and recommendations

Most European breakdown cover reviews sells you on how important this type of cover is when you’re on strange roads in the middle of a country you don’t know who speak a language you probably don’t understand, but those sort of scare tactics miss the point. Breakdown cover for travelling on the continent doesn’t have to be year-round and all-encompassing, especially if you’re only planning on visiting Europe just once per year.

How to get cheap European breakdown cover

If you want to maximise your money and give yourself more to spend when you’re away, there’s plenty you can do to reduce the cost of breakdown cover. Breakdown cover is a little bit like insurance as you aren't rewarded for loyalty so shop around to get a good price. If you haven’t made a call out in the last 12 months, you could ask for a reduction on a new European breakdown cover policy.

Don’t go for the cheapest

As with car insurance, the cheapest deal on the market isn’t always the best one. Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you agree. If the firm you’re interested in are getting mixed European breakdown cover reviews then you really should delve deeper. Comparison sites are an obvious way to go because you get to see each policy side-by-side but personal recommendations are also important as you’re really buying peace of mind when you take out breakdown cover and there’s nothing better than an endorsement from a friend who’s had a good experience.

Single trip or multi-trip policy

Policy holders often make the mistake of taking out more cover than they need. Getting an annual policy that’ll cover you on the continent when you’re only making one trip a year is money wasted.

Final word

European breakdown cover reviews on the web often take a general perspective, but your personal circumstances may differ dramatically from the accepted norm. Taking out any type of cover is supposed to lead to peace of mind, so make sure that the cover you’re accepting does everything you need it to.

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