Exhausts prices – Smoke and mirrors

If you’re anything like us you’re probably mechanic illiterate and don’t know the difference between an exhaust manifold, catalytic converter and a muffler. Even if you’re an exhaust aficionado there is still the question of finding exhausts prices that fit your vehicle and budget. Luckily there are a few sure-fire tips on buying exhausts online and off, and for the right price. Buying the right exhaust is as simple as providing the right make and model of your vehicle and knowing whether you want a normal or a speciality exhaust. The price of an exhaust also depends largely on your vehicle and whether you go for a standard fitting or something special. A complete system (with a manifold catalyst and rear box) will cost you anywhere from £200 to £500 - including fitting + VAT. The cost of exhausts goes up when you start to move into the realm of accessory exhaust tips that give your vehicle a stylish, personal touch. However, when looking for exhaust tips there are a few considerations. For example you can choose from chrome, chrome plated and stainless steel, as well as the size inlet and outlet size. It is also important to select the right length for your exhaust tip. Make sure it is long enough to be obvious under your vehicle but not too long that it trips pedestrians! You also need to know whether you want a square, round, oval or customised exhaust tip that is fastened or clamped directly to the exhaust system. With all these ‘extras’ you can expect to add another £100 to £400 on to the existing system.When looking for the right exhaust, of course, the first port-of-call is with your local mechanic; however, if you’re more adventurous and want to hunt around for the best prices, jump online. Try mrclutch.com/Exhausts who have branches throughout the UK, or bristolstreet.co.uk/Exhausts who offer ‘Genuine Exhaust, Transparent Prices, a Full Exhaust Range and Value For Money.’ You can also give national.co.uk and mrexhaust.co.uk a try. Don’t let your search for the best exhausts prices be a game of smoke and mirrors. Use these handy tips and keep yourself covered.

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