Exhausts systems - getting more out of your car!

Exhausts systems are not something that many motorists are familiar with so it may be surprising to see the wide range that is currently available online. Powerflow.co.uk are the UK's leading manufacturer of stainless steel exhausts and this is a very popular brand with many modified car owners. However, these systems are built directly on to each individual car and this might not suit your needs as it can work out costly and time consuming. One of the big selling points of Powerflow exhausts however is that they all come with a lifetime ownership guarantee and this is quite rare!

If you're looking online for exhausts then checking out sites such as buypartsby.co.uk can be a good place to start. Once you input the make of your vehicle then the various compatible parts are displayed. On this site you also have the option to register which means you can search for parts by using your car registration number for future transactions.

Cats-direct-shop.co.uk is an exceptionally user friendly site when it comes to shopping for exhausts. The homepage displays various makes and models of cars and you simply click on the one that is relevant to you.  Delivery charges are categorised in 3 ways depending on your exact location. If you live in mainland UK then the charge for delivery is only £7.50 but if you live in Northern Ireland then it increases to £9.95 while customers in the Islands and Scottish Highlands can expect to be charged £14.95.

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