Exploring Kawasaki OEM parts

For the experienced Kawasaki enthusiast, Kawasaki OEM parts offer the only option to get the most out of their bike or ATV. OEM parts are those made by Kawasaki itself or other companies that have agreed to make their parts under the Kawasaki brand. Renthal is one such company. Based in Bredbury, UK it produces chain wheels and handlebars for Kawasaki and other renowned motorcycle companies.

Expected Benefits

Many motorcycle owners prefer to go for non-OEM parts, as they are easily available and, more often than not, are more affordable than OEM parts. However, a number of them have later complained of their durability and adverse effects on the overall performance of the motorcycle, not to mention the often-lamentable after-sale service. It is therefore advisable to go for original parts, since by putting their brand on them, Kawasaki is guaranteeing the quality of the parts to a certain extent.


As mentioned, there is a manufacturer of Kawasaki parts right in the UK. A number of retailers also exist with a wide range of parts and accessories for Kawasaki bikes and ATVs that date all the way back to the eighties. Online dealers are listed below and they all offer fast delivery of your important motorcycle parts.

  • Wemoto.com
  • Motorcycle.co.uk
  • Motorcyclenews.com

These websites also provide addresses of brick-and-mortar shops that stock original Kawasaki parts, so if you don’t want to wait, you can pick up the part if a store is nearby.


For the performance, reliability, and genuine parts guarantee, riders can expect to pay a slightly higher sum than what they would pay for after-market alternatives. Prices of some Kawasaki OEM parts are £10 for wheel bearings and £45 for a chain and sprocket kit.

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