Extra fast Kawasaki: Tom Cruise's motorbike in Top Gun

Who could forget the extra fast Kawasaki: Tom Cruise's motorbike in Top Gun? The movie made this bike famous, and looking at its specs, it deserves the accolade.

Let's take a look at the specs of the Kawasaki ZZR1400. From its liquid-cooled, 4-stroke in-line engine to its 6-speed transmission gear, this vehicle spells power and comfort. Equipped with a 1.441 cm3 displacement, its top speed clocks in at 186 MPH (Inter-bike.co.uk). Its not bad-looking either from its crisp front end and shiny headlights to its sidelights and metallic paint.

Start the Kawasaki, and you'll feel the power of the engine purring softly yet menacingly. Beyond 4,000 RPM and up to 11,000 RPM, the engine comes out alive till it reaches full throttle taking you out on the open road.

What about brakes? Just as quickly as you reach full throttling power, the brakes work flawlessly without the abruptness and brusqueness. It has a smooth braking system. At the same time, the engine could be coaxed into submission to manage dense traffic and busy streets without too much problems.

Gas mileage for the Kawasaki ranges from 34 to 39MPG and a full tank will get your back covered for 178 miles till the tank is bone dry. What's a ride anyway when you can't stay long enough on the saddle to enjoy it? Not much. But, this motorbike has a comfortable feel with its cushioned seat that lets you drive for hours without getting stiff and disjointed. The riding frame is angled comfortably with arms resting confidently on the handlebars and the body tilted just slightly forward. The front and rear suspension ease the jolts out of bumpy rides on country roads. Its designers have used aerodynamics well making it a very stable motorbike since weight is equally distributed in the right places.

Now, while riding this power motorbike will not make you a top gun nor Hollywood baby material, it can certainly make you feel like one. Retail prices start at £11,499.

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