F1 drivers to get a roof over their heads?

Many of the leading lights of Formula One have not been over keen to endorse recent proposals to introduce a jet-style canopy roof over the heads of drivers.

After incidents involving Felipe Massa and Henry Surtees in 2009, the sport started to look into the possibility of drivers being in little capsules, jet-plane style, or of using polycarbonate screens.

1992 world champion Nigel Mansell said: 'I don't know if I'd like to see that. It wouldn't really be Formula One.'

Former driver Marc Surer agreed with Mansell: 'It would be very warm in there, and then the next problem is needing an air conditioner. And imagine if KERS fails and the vapours get into the cockpit,' he said.

'The visibility of the drivers will be affected by the reflection,' added Christian Danner.

Not everyone was against the idea though. Nico Rosberg said: 'It sounds good. Anything that increases safety is a step forward.' While Mercedes' Norbert Haug told a German newspaper: 'We are always interested in the advancement of safety. It's an interesting experiment but I feel that a single seater cockpit needs to be open.'

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