F1 to face BBC axe?

Excite Motoring enjoyed reporting last week on the fury of fans of trinket-pedalling programme the Antiques Roadshow, after the overrunning of the Canadian Grand Prix led to their favourite show being axed.

Well, now it seems they've got their own back, as reports emerge that the BBC is considering dropping live coverage of F1 in Britain.

Inside sources have claimed the Corporation plans to axed F1 after 2013 in order to save money (nothing to do with antiques then).

But McLaren and FOTA chief Martin Whitmarsh poured cold water on the wicked whisper.

'I think it would be very sad, and most unwise, if the BBC were to disappoint so many millions of British sports fans by axing it (F1), and that's why I don't believe for a moment that they'd seriously consider doing such a thing,' he said.

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