Records are what the Campbell family is all about, and the land speed record in particular. But bad weather conditions have put pay to the famous family's latest attempt to set a new electric land speed record.

The weather caused damagaed to the Bluebird's Electric car, as Don Wales, grandson of Malcolm Campbell and nephew to Donald Campbell, the legendary dare-devil who died behind the wheel of the original Bluebird vehicle while attempting the land speed record, tried to add another entry to the record books on the Pendine shore in Carmarthanshire in Wales with his son Joeseph over last weekend.

Weather conditions were particularly challenging on the Saturday, though it gave Joe plenty of experience behind the wheel. Then, on Sunday, the blue skies allowed said Joe to make a record breaking run. Unfortunately, as he attempted the return leg, limited visibility and a slide over the sands damaged the bodyshell and steering components of the car, as well as disconnecting the bottom wishbone.

He couldn't have had worse luck if he tried, as it meant the car couldn't be repaired in time to run again, and so the record attempt had to be abandoned.

But the Bluebird Electric team and Don and Joe Wales have far from given up in their bid to run electric vehicles called Bluebird to ever increasing speeds, and hope to give it another shot in the future. Judging by the expressions on their faces in the picture, they're a tight-knit and determined litle team who will stand a great chance!

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