Fancy a car?

There are so many websites offering finance at a great rate until you finish filling out the forms and the drop the bomb. All of a sudden masses of hidden costs have been tacked onto the original rate and you end up paying back far too much. There are good websites amongst the bad though and one the we think stands out had to be the creditplus website.

One of the key features to this website is the fact that they will compare against 30 of the leading finance lenders to find you the best possible price. If you are happy with the quote you can then move on to step two. They have a massive database of cars, over 65,000 to choose from and you just have to pick the best suited to you and your family. After this you just click on the giant 'Apply Now' button and you can find out instantly if you can qualify. There is no waiting period just an instant decision.

This is a great website to help you get finance on a car, it is easy to use and they will do everything they can to get things sorted there and then.

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