Fast car

The new five-door RS3 hatchback by Audi is likely to have the hatchback world quaking in its hubcaps after a ‘belated entry into the realm of serious hot hatches’, according to Michael Taylor in Evo.

The hatchback body is built for practicality, but inside the car is like an Audi TT RS, including Audi's ‘sonorous five-pot turbo up front and all-wheel drive’, making it a motor that can handle snow and ice.

It's also mighty nippy. 0-60 takes just 4.6 seconds – that’s faster than you can say ‘Jack Robinson.’ And its top speed of 155mph, wholy jutifies the claim made by Matt Davis in AutoExpress that it’s a ‘baby with some serious bite.’ That’s not to mention the sound. ‘Squeeze the accelerator and the cabin fills with a rich, bassy tone that will leave you blipping the throttle at the traffic lights, just for the fun of it,’ says Davis.

And, from this spring, for the princely sum of £39,900, this baby can be all yours. Purrfect.

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