Fastest legal road car in the world sold

Those of you who have been saving up to buy a Bugatti Veyron coupe have left it too late – the 300th and final coupe version has been sold.

The car was ordered by an anonymous European customer, who paid £1.48million for this Super Sport version of the fastest road car in the world. Its 16-cylinder engine can take the car to over 268mph and the 0-60 time is just 2.5 seconds, while its carbon-ceramic brakes, brake-cooling system and rear-brake spoiler mean that it can be brought to a standstill from 60mph in 2.3 seconds. Meaning that from 0mph it can reach 60 mph and then be brought to a standstill in under five seconds. Better than a roller coaster ride.

The cultural icon has been celebrated by Top Gear's petrolheads and pub bores alike. Buggatti is insisting that the story doesn't end there though, with The Grand Sport, a convertible version of the Veyron, on sale for £1.26million.

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