We find the best places in Fawkham to buy tyres

Keeping your tyres in top condition is something that many drivers based in the United Kingdom continually put off. Despite the fact that it has a huge affect on the performance of your car, it is seen by many people as being more of a nuisance than an essential part of car maintenance. Why this is the case we aren't quite sure, but more and more we are seeing that drivers either forget to keep their tyres properly maintained, or simply aren't bothered with the additional expense until they have driven them to the point where they need replacing.

With so many garages and mechanics around the Fawkham area, you've got absolutely no reason not to ensure that your tyres are always in pristine condition. If it's not something you're interested in doing for yourself, or for the sake of your car, then it's something you should do out of consideration for the other drivers on the road around you.

Poorly maintained tyres can not only affect your handling on turns, but they also have a huge effect on your braking distance - especially on wet surfaces. The cost of having your tyres checked is minimal, and once you get on top of it you really shouldn't need to do it more than once a year. In order to help you ensure that your tyres are fit for driving, we have compiled this handy list of the best places in Fawkham to buy tyres as well as having your existing ones serviced.

Ash Tyre Services,Ash Road, Sevenoaks, 01474 879 279.

Stapley Paul Tyres,6 Turnstone,Longfield,01474 700 400.

Farrins,61 Main Road, Longfield, 01474 702 184.

Hartley Breakers,Baldwins Yard, Hartley Bottom Road, Hartley, 01474 872 418.

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