Ferrari book worth £2,000 now a £2.99 app

A 852-page book that usually costs £2,000, and is filled with over 1,300 stunning images of Ferraris past and present and articles written by experts in the field is now downloadable for £2.99 on most Apple products, Android phones and tablets, and with Windows Phones to come later this year.

The images include rare, archive pictures, and it also features interviews with the leading lights of the old marque down through the years – including Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo and drivers Fernando Alonso and Niki Lauda.

In print each page of the Official Ferrari Opus measures half a square metre and the whole thing weighs in at 37kg. But now you can buy one, put it in your pocket, and still have change for the cigarette machine. The wonders of modern technology.

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