Ferrari Cavalcade Tuscany 2013

This year’s edition of the Ferrari Cavalcade was held in Florence and began on June 27th. Each year the Cavalcade is held in a different Italian region, and each event attracts 90 Ferrari owners from across the world. There are limited spaces for the event and each Ferrari owner in attendance is there by invitation only.

This year’s edition saw 90 Ferraris from different eras wind their way through the beautiful countryside of Tuscany. The tour was witnessed by spectators along the route, but the main reason for the annual cavalcade is to give Ferrari owners a unique experience. The Ferrari Cavalcade is divided into 3 stages over 3 days and each has a different theme. One of the themes was “Art”, so the convoy of super cars was taken on a route through Florence and Volterra before taking in Bolgheri. The Ferrari drivers then returned to the city of Medicis. Another day saw the Ferraris tour the vineyards, and the final day gave the Ferrari owners a chance to take their car to the race track at Mugello.

Overall, around 30 nations were invited, covering 4 continents. Ferrari owners from places as far apart as New Zealand and the United States, India and Finland, Puerto Rico and Lebanon were part of the event. Iconic Ferraris like the Enzo and F40 took part, and rarer examples like the 599 GTO and SA Aperta were also part of the event.

Although the Ferrari Cavalcade is only in its second year, the Italian super car maker sees it as “the most important event organised by Ferrari.” The Cavalcade was set up to “honour all Ferrari enthusiasts” and was the brainchild of Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo who wanted to create an event to thank owners who are “closest to the Prancing Horse.”

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