Fewer passes for more money

Pass rates of less than 50 percent have been recorded in 152 of 340 driving test centres in England, Wales and Scotland for those taking their test for the first time.

Hernon Hill, Wanstead, London, had the worst pass rate with a total of 4,826 taking their tests for the first time and 3,453 failing it. That's a 71.5 percent failure rate.

London and Yorkshire are home to the top ten centres with the highest failure rates, whereas as the highest pass rates came in the more remote areas of Scotland.

The AA and other motoring organisations place the blame firmly at the door of 'socio-economic' factors. In other words, the average cost of an hourly lesson is £24, and with both parts of the test also costing money, many are turning to their parents to help them out with costs.

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