FIA keep an eye on Hamilton

The FIA is keeping close tabs on Lewis Hamilton after the British driver’s actions in the Monaco Grand Prix and some controversial comments he made after the race.

After making an ill judged ‘Ali G’ remark to stewards about his skin colour, some believe that Hamilton has fallen foul of Article 151c. The FIA told The Telegraph on Monday that it was ‘gathering information.’

So, as is the wont of youngsters these days, the former champion, 26, took to Twitter to explain the post-race tirade in which he labelled Pastor Maldonado and Felipe Massa ‘stupid’ and ‘ridiculous.’

He posted: ‘To Massa and Maldonado, with the greatest respect I apologise if I offended you. Both of you are fantastic drivers who I regard highly.’

‘To my fans lost and my fans won, I wish you nothing but love and happiness.’

Meanwhile, in the British press he seemed unrepentant as he defended his aggressive racing style: ‘I don't do it to offend people or to hurt anyone,’ he said. ‘I do it because I love racing. I feel like I can do it better than others.’

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