Fiat 500L Living Revealed

The Fiat 500 range has grown with the inclusion of its sixth member. The Fiat 500 L Living is a seven-seater version of the Italian city car which joins the 500, 500 Abarth, 500C, 500L and 500L Trekking in the expanded line-up. In the near future the 500X SUV model will make its debut but for now this is the largest Fiat 500 on the market.

This is basically a Fiat 500L that’s been lengthened to 4,350mm. The extra room has allowed the Fiat technicians to include another row of seats, although the new seats won’t be the most comfortable in the car because there’s not a lot of legroom in the new 500L Living. Fiat is describing their latest 500 as a “5 + 2”, which suggests that the third row of seats are only for children. If they’re not used for passengers, they can be folded flat to allow a total of 638 litres of space in the rear.

There will be two petrol engine options available at launch. The first is a 94 bhp 1.4 litre and the other is a 104 bhp TwinAir. There will also be two diesel options, a 84 bhp Multijet and a 104 bhp 1.6 litre unit. Two trim levels will be sold: Pop Star and Lounge and 19 colours will be available (11 of these are two-tone). You’ll have the choice of 6 different interior trims and 15 alloy wheel designs. The richest Fiat 500 buyers will be able to opt for a leather interior and a rear parking camera.

The order book for the latest Fiat 500 opens next month but Fiat hasn’t announced the price list yet. The 500L 1.4 Pop Star costs £14,995 and you shouldn't be asked for too much more to get your hands on this model.

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