We look for the best Fiesta alloy wheels sale prices

The Ford Fiesta isn't known for being the sexiest car around these days, but it certainly has its own aesthetic appeal, and it's far from an ugly monstrosity of a car. That doesn't mean that you have to make do with it exactly how you bought it though, there are many options available to those of you who'd like to give it your own personal touch and make it stand out from the thousands of other Fiestas on the road these days.

When many people hear the word "car modifications" or "car parts" the first thing to spring to mind is boys in their late teens spending all their money to make their cars look as tacky and far removed from the realms of good taste as possible, but there are options available to those of us who actually have a little class.

In our opinion, the best way to really add that little bit of flair to your motor is with a nice set of alloys. Finding the right ones to suit you can really bring your car to life, so we wanted to check out the best places online with Fiesta alloy wheels for sale.

www.fordpartsuk.com has a decent range of Alloys across the Ford range for pretty solid prices. If you really want to make your Fiesta stand out you could take a look at the Ford ST150 JX17 alloys which are available for £150.41 per wheel, not a bad price when you consider that it's an official Ford product.

Our personal favourite, as always, is Performance Alloys who offer a huge selection of alloys to suit your Fiesta, starting from as little as £60 per wheel. Prices go as high as £317.17 per wheel for the Enkei RS05 SBC, but unless you're really dedicated to your Fiesta we think that's bordering a little on the insane.

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